Alex Bordeanu – Screenwriter and the voice of Marcus, the villain

alex_bordeanu_scenarist_mercyAlex Bordeanu is not just a screenwriter covering all genres, but also an actor, writer and composer. As a screenwriter, his credits include the feature film animation „Harap-Alb” (MediaPro Pictures, 2006) and the animated series “Professor Tumne” (MediaPro Pictures, 2004). In 2010, he won the first place in the screenwriting competition of the National Council Cinematography with “Mercy Street” screenplay, which became the first 3D stereoscopic animation feature made in Romania. He has already completed the final draft for the animation feature film “OvoParallelum” – the second part of the “Mercy Street” animation feature film.

Currently, heis working on scripts “Rainy Days”– a short fiction part of a large Pan-European project and “Shifting” – a sci-fi Comedy feature for the UK market featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, which will enter production in 2018. He is a member of the ISA (International Screenwriters Association).

As a writer, he is working on two novels, one being “Mercy Street” the book and the other, “Encyclopaedia of fools”, which will be released next year.

For „Mercy Street” animation feature film, his involvement went far beyond the role of screenwriter who wrote and rewrote the script for 15-20 times. Besides being the voice of Marcus, the main villain, he made the casting for voices together with the director and the producer, worked with the actors as a voice over director, took part, in the production process, to the concept art, storyboard, textures and sets and he also made about 90 seconds of animation…
I have ideas for film scripts, animation or fiction, 24 hours a day. I wrote this script in 2009, but I wouldn’t call it inspiration, but intense study. Luckily for all ofus involved, we are all equally “crazy”:I, Buzea brothers, RaduNicolaethe producer and the production team… we all struggled inhumanly hard to complete this film.

Throughout hisinitiatic journey, the curious little Lorenz is accompanied by the always unhappy Singh, the selfless Banna and theundecidedBumble. They are all fatherly watch by the gentle father Abbey. Little Lorenz’s cats complete the colours of the whole group who fight to the end against the madness of Marcus, a musician and a brilliant scientist who wants to me immortal.

I had a constructive collaboration with the producer over these productionyears. I appreciate and I’ve always appreciated that he didn’t intervene in the text.

I know that generally the book precedes film, but now I’m writing ‘Mercy Street’ the book. Let’s say that we are in an atypical situation. I don’t think the impact will be negative if it will be released after the film. If the movie is successful, the book will surely overcome the film’s success, as usually happens. I started to write this book because here, on paper,I am no longer constrained by production expenditures and other budgets… I can tell the story in detail as I imagined it about 6 years ago. I hope that our film to help Romanian animationas much as possible. It’s an industry that develops (somewhat unhealthy) underground, so to speak; however, I noticed that the phenomenon amplifies and this is a good thing.