Corina Cherecheş – PR & Communication specialist

CorinaCherechesWith over 23 years of career as a PR manager, her own public relations company and dozens of customers from various fields, Senior PR Manager & Consultant Corina Cherecheş enters the “Mercy Street” team with the experiencein cultural area, gained through organising and promoting film and music festivals.

Animation movies have a very special audience. On the one hand, there are the children, this wonderful audience, without prejudices and clichés regarding the films, willing to see and experience, along with exemplary characters, unseen and unheard adventures. Their sensitivity must be reached and satisfied through the story and our story is extraordinary.

On the other hand, we have the indirect beneficiaries, the parents, whom we persuade, through proper communication, to come to the cinema with their children, as the film is a historic Romanian first that worth to be watched also by adults. The promotion of the first stereoscopic 3D animated feature film made in Romania was conceived and developed to reach and persuade the public of all ages.