Alin Sfetcu – technical director

Alin SfetcuAlin Sfetcu has almost 15 years of experience in visual effects in the film industry, a field dominated by programmers and IT specialists. The basic rule of his work is that “a good visual effect is the one that the viewer can’t identify.”

“Turning a 2D film into a 3D stereoscopic film successfully takes the first position as a main challenge of the film “Mercy Street”. It’s a technical work, which requires mathematical precision. The nature of the job makes that nothing of what I did for this film can be considered “artistic.”

However, in the case of an animated film, as long as the visual effects are part of the visual concept of the film, you have complete freedom of creation, which is not possible in a “classic” movie, where the visual effects have to be integrated into the film’s world so that the viewer can’t see them.”