Felicia Chirvăşoiu – Content Manager

Felicia ChirvasoiuFelicia Chirvăşoiu is a specialist in advertising and mass communication sciences, experienced in several related fields. After several years of journalism, she discovered her passion for translating and public relations in the cultural and editorial field. For 12 years, in collaboration with the Comedy Theatre of Bucharest, has organized The National Theatre Festival for Highschool Students “Jos Pălăria” every May. For nearly three years is the PR representative of the international design contest “A’ Design Award and Competition” in Romania.

She has translated so far 28 books from English or French, for publishing houses such Aramis, Didactic Publishing House, Minerva, Polirom and Litera. As a copywriter, he worked two years for Idea Zone advertising agency and in became a freelancer 2010. She has written dozens of websites, advertising materials and articles in Romanian and in English for Romanian and international companies.

It’s easy to write a website or press releases when you have a great story, and “Mercy Street” is one of a kind that makes history in Romanian animation: the first stereoscopic 3D animated feature film. The movie was made by a team as stunning and amazing as the story and about such people, who have overcame dozens of obstacles and didn’t give up until they saw the film done, to write is also easy. The only challenge that remains to the copywriter is that of the first lesson of public communication: how to say it in short … How to grasp, in several lines, all those years of experience brought by the team, all the efforts made by these professionals for 5 years to make a movie that all children should love? You better go see the result!