Ştefan Buzea – director

stefan buzeaDirector Ştefan BUZEA has over 25 years of experience in the field of short and feature animation films. Together with his brother Alexandru, the film characters’s designer, he was raised in one of the most famous family in the animation industry in Romania. Their parents created the very well-known TV series “Miaunel and Balanel” and were the first film directors who won the Grand Prize for the best animation feature film at Karlovy Vary Film Festival for “Frânele nu fac minuni (Brakes don’t work wonders)” and “Vacanţă la tata (Holyday at Daddy’s)”.

Ştefan started directing at age 16, when he was still a student at Animation Department of “Nicolae Tonitza” High School of Arts in Bucharest, with the short animation film “Temptation”, and the following year, 1992, he became the animator of the film feature film “Una Furtiva Lacrima” produced by ANIMAFILM.

During the period 1993-2005, he was the animator and director of various animated series such as “Pătrăţel” (for ANIMAFILM), “Clementina et ses amis”, “Missing R”, “Luzihna”, “Pense Betes” (for DACODAC STUDIO), “Pelezihno”, “Boogie” (for ANIMADERAM), “The Three Bears” and “La Brigada de Los Sepultureros” (for NEPTUNO FILMS).

During 2001-2005, he also directed several music videos, with or without animation, for important Romanian artists such as Nicu Alifantis, 3 Sud-Est, Asia, Giulia, Nicola, etc., as well as animated commercials for many famous brands within Focus Publicis and Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agencies.

In 2009, he returned to directing animation films with the series “Professor Tumne”, produced by MediaPro Pictures and Vast Animation Production, and in 2010 he directed the animation feature film “Harap-Alb” for MediaPro Pictures.

“Mercy Street” confirms once again his directing qualities and has brought him a new challenge: the first stereoscopic 3D animated feature film made in Romania, with an original technique created by him and his brother Alexandru. The feature film is done in the classic 2D animation style, with characters wearing textures and shadows, and the sets are turned 3D from 2D elements, this patent belonging to the Romanian filmmakers. Animation is made using specialized software and even by the hand, in the classic style. The film’s animation technique is actually a global innovation that brings a touch of Romanian creativity and originality. Animation scenes are imported in the 3D scenery, where the visual effects are also made, and finally, the whole scene composition is rendered in 3D.